New: Sales office in Cannes

In 2011 Time to Fly has opened a new office in Cannes dedicated to chartering business jets, giving you access to a worldwide fleet of business jets. Just a phone call away, Time to Fly can provide an airplane adapted to your trip, the number of passengers and your budget. Time to Fly takes care of your whole trip and brings you all the advantages of “taxi “ aviation, from flexible timetables, personalised on-board services to simplified embarking procedures. Are you fed up with spending hours in airports, with all the stress that goes with mass transport and running over budget? Do you want to control your costs, optimise your travel and fly safely?
Then it’s time to fly with us!

The Cannes office is headed by Julie Bianchini.

Time to Fly Cannes also takes care of your helicopter transfers, in partnership with JET AZUR


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